Striking beauty and readability

CASIO used the industry’s first* display window with a double-sided anti-reflective coating and FSTN liquid crystals to create an attractive, easy-to-read LCD.

* Based on CASIO information as of 2017

Striking beauty and readability


Fingertip key touch comfort

The calculators use the industry’s first* V-shaped gear link structure low-profile isolation keys. Smooth, stable operation and comfortable key touch enhance ease of use.

* Based on CASIO information as of 2017

Fingertip key touch comfort

V-shaped gear link and low-profile isolation keys

A V-shaped gear link structure that prevents key tilting reduces key height, ensuring smooth, wobble-free key and a stylish, low-profile key design.

V-shaped gear link and low-profile isolation keys

Isolation keys with ample distance between keys provide greater ease of use and a more comfortable key touch.

Three-key rollover makes accurate and high-speed input possible

During input, key operations are stored even if a key is struck before the pervious key is completely released.

Two-colour molded keys

Key cross section

Key cross section *

Unlike ordinary printed keys, the two-colour molded plastic keys have plastic markings that do not wear or fade even after years of use. (Some keys excepted)

* The key cross section is an illustration.

Key layout and shape designed for ease of operation

Convex, concave key molding

Convex, concave key molding

In accordance with ergonomic principles, the key shape changes from row to row to allow for differences in finger movement.


Aluminum casing

Aluminum casing that imparts a sense of rigidity

* The photo shows the pre-processed aluminum part.

Diamond cut

Diamond cut treatment that adds luster to the periphery of the casing

Aluminum levers

Aluminum levers with a spin texture that adds shine

Elastomer stopper

Elastomer stopper provides stability during operation

BLACK MODEL S100 — Breathtaking, unsurpassed elegance —


An elegant design that instills joy of ownership

The stylish design reflecting attention to the smallest detail imparts an impression of elegance and luxury.
The joy of giving a special gift to a special person―

Authentic value available only from genuine top-quality products.

An elegant design that instills joy of ownership

GOLD MODEL S200 — A spectacular, dazzling presence —


A gold model chosen by discerning users

A dazzling gold finish has been applied to the luxurious aluminum casing.
The elaborate design, imbued with functional beauty born of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to the finest detail, imparts a dignified presence.

A gold model chosen by discerning users


S100 and S200 Specifications

Digits : 12
Memory : 2
Power supply : Two-way power (solar + CR2025 × 1)
Battery life : Approx. 7 years (1 hour operation per day)
Dimensions (H×W×D) : 17.8 × 110.5 × 183 mm
Weight : approx. 250 g (including battery)
Warranty : 5 years

S100 and S200 Functions

Tax calculation
Calculate price including and excluding tax.
Set the tax rate freely and display tax amount.
Multi conversion
Free setting of conversion rates allows to convert easily.
Function command signs
A symbol (×, ÷, etc.) on the display indicates the status of the operation you are currently performing.
Profit margin %
Profit margin percent “ % ” key gives quick access to prices and profits, and also delivers add-ons, discounts, ratios and increase/decrease values.
Square root (√)
Work out the square root of a number.
Constant calculation
Perform constant calculation easily by pressing arithmetical operation keys(+,-,×, ÷) twice.
Shift key
Very helpful for fixing typing errors.
Clear one character at a time starting from the last digit.
Sign change (+/-)
Converts the value from positive to negative or vice versa.
Rounding selector
F : Floating decimals.
CUT : Values are cut off.
5/4 : Values are rounded off.
Decimal selector
4,3,2,1,0 : Specifies the number of decimal places as 4,3,2,1,0.
ADD2 : 2 decimal places are assumed for entries and results of all addition and substruction operations.
Three-Key Rollover
Key operations are stored in a buffer, so nothing is lost even during high-speed input.
3-digit comma markers
Separation every three digits makes even large numbers easy to read.
Auto Power Off
To save battery power, the calculator turns off automatically after approximately 6 minutes of non-use.
Two-colour molded keys
These keys have plastic markings that do not wear or fade even after years of use.
(Some keys excepted)
Double zero key
Entering two zeros at a time helps to calculate large numbers quickly.