ES Features Preparation

One Click Connection

Just clicking on the One Click Connection ("OCC" hereinafter) icon set up for each classroom creates a wireless connection with the projector and initiates projection. The time and effort spent on activities such as establishing cable connections, switching inputs and making wireless settings are significantly reduced, so that classes can begin right away.

* Compatible models: XJ-S400UN/S400WN, XJ-F211WN / F21XN, XJ-UT352WN / UT312WN
* The C-Connection network projection app (Windows or Mac) required.

No cable connection required.

No wireless setting required.

No input content switching required.

Moderator Function

Connection Setting on Browser

Creation of the OCC file and the projector connection settings can be conducted on the IT manager's web browser. This spares IT managers the trouble of constructing a network environment.

* The C-Connection network projection app must be installed on every PC beforehand.

Moderator Function